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Truck Driveaway Services, featuring the 4 way load.
Truck driveaway services you can trust, J & J Driveaway

Driveaway Services You Can Count On

J & J Drive-Away offers driveaway services that are tailored to your specific needs. We are one of the few companies in North America that run both single trucks and decked trucks. J & J staff and drivers have the training and experience necessary to deliver your trucks safely and damage free regardless of the type of driveaway service you require.

Driveaway Services


Have only one truck to deliver? Truck cannot be decked? No problem. J & J Driveaway has a large number of qualified singles drivers that are ready to move your trucks quickly and cost effectively.


Save money by having one driver take two trucks at the same time. J & J drivers can transport two trucks by either using a standard fifth-wheel mounting system, or eliminate the need to remove the shield by using a frame mounting saddle.


Have three trucks all going the same direction? J & J Driveaway can deck these trucks together to save you even more money. Our well-trained drivers provide quick response in a safe and cost-efficient manner.


The granddaddy load of driveaway services! Assuming the combined length of the trucks does not exceed D.O.T. regulations, J & J Driveaway can mount four trucks together, providing you the ultimate in cost saving transportation.

For more information on our driveaway services, call (800) 282-3549.

Driveaway Services Tailored To Your Specific Needs

 Truck driveaway services you can trust, J & J Driveaway